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The Importance of a Confidentiality Agreement

Let’s start off by addressing what a confidentiality agreement is. It’s an agreement for your team to keep everything in your office confidential. The purpose of the agreement is for your team members to agree to maintain confidentiality regarding all confidential materials, patient information, processes, marketing, pending business transactions… just to name a few! This agreement outlines that all confidential information is kept strictly confidential both during and after their term of employment.

Why is this necessary?
As a business owner, you have worked hard to grow your practice and to provide the best treatment to your patients and build your reputation. It is important for you to protect all your hard work by having a confidentiality agreement in place. Everyone who comes to your office to work should sign one! This means, all new and current team members should sign! One other area that is often over-looked are any temporary employees or candidates that come into your office for working interviews. You want to protect you and your practice.

We understand that temporary relief & working interviews are a common in this industry, but have you ever given much thought about getting potential candidates to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to their interview?

The same goes with working interviews. These potential candidates may come into contact with, view, or handle confidential medical and personal patient information, products and/or system. This is information that is not readily available to the public, and may compromise your practices competitive advantage in the market place in the event that sensitive business information relating to your practice is divulged.

Now don’t be fooled! The internet has many sample templates that you can download for free but it may still leave you vulnerable! One size does not fit all when it comes to legal documents & protecting your office.
Contact Stream Dental today and we will help customize your confidentiality agreement to suit your practice.


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