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Welcome back to week 2 of our “How to Attract & Retain Top Talent” series! Last week, we left with you a serious soul searching question- where do you see yourself and your office in 5 years? The direction you want to take your practice, should make you seriously evaluate the decisions you need be making TODAY; including hiring! If you haven’t done this yet, stop now and go back to read last week’s post before taking this next step!

Roadmap is ready!
People with goals succeed because they know where they are going and now that includes you! Congrats! This will now allow you to identify the traits, qualities, skills and cultural fit that you are looking for. Having this AHEAD of time will make a huge difference not only with developing your interview questions but also seeing what type of training will be required.

Top-notch qualities to look for
No matter what position you are hiring for, there are a few very important qualities to look for that will sky-rocket your practice:

1. Detail-Oriented
In our profession, an eye for detail is crucial but this can go one step further when you add a critical and forward thinker to the mix. They can begin to look at your systems, protocols and see how to take it to the next level by making a few changes here or there! Imagine, having someone who can look at a more effective way to screen and educate your patients so they are coming regularly for their hygiene appointments. Your production will go through the roof! For accelerated growth to take place, look for someone who will go beyond merely completing tasks, focusing more on the fine details that bring about greatness.

2. Adaptable
We know that great things are in store for you and your practice, but change has to happen to be able to achieve those results. If you are looking to add a new service to your practice and are hiring someone who has that experience and skillset. Then they need to be adaptable to help put the work into to make the transition possible and your office a success! The best employees are the ones who aren’t so set in their ways that they are unable to remain effective when changes need to be made.

3. Passionate
Let’s face it- there will be ups and downs on your journey but you need someone with a positive mindset. Someone who is genuinely passionate about their work, patients and personal progress. Naturally, when things take a turn for the worse, they’re the first to begin looking for long-term solutions, as opposed to taking the easy way out.

4. Outstanding Customer Service
As the CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh said: “Customer service should not be a department, it should be the entire company.” Everyone in your office should have OUTSTANDING customer service! Your patients are the lifeline to the success of your practice! If every person in your office is not doing their best to provide an amazing experience, it will begin to affect your bottom line or worse, you might not be able to reach that 5-year goal. This is a non-negotiable trait when hiring; no matter how amazing their skills are! Skillset can be trained, but you can’t train someone to have good customer service!

Have you found anybody who possesses each of the above four qualities?
If not, resist the urge to settle! Your success is at stake here!

Next week we will show you how to recruit and screen to find the best candidates for your office!


When it comes to running a successful dental practice, the entire dental team must work together to help meet the patient’s expectations, while also offering a positive and memorable experience. Managing clients and establishing long-term relationship is key.

Is it Possible?
It shouldn’t surprise you that today, patients expect more for their money. If your practice isn’t able to deliver, they may become inactive patients, or even worse, become someone else’s patient. Remember happy customers go on to let others know about your practice. So, if you truly want to grow and expand your office then focus on delivering exceptional customer service and support.

Good Service makes the difference Chalk Illustration How to Do It?
Customer service is more than just being friendly! It is about creating an excellent experience from the initial phone call to when they walk out the front door… each and every time! Excellent customer service entails a number of things and goes further than just being courteous towards patients. Dental practices must focus on creating a positive and friendly atmosphere within their clinics. It is crucial that they deliver exceptional services every time patients interact with them at their office. Remember, your aim should be to impress your patients and cater to their individual requirements.

• There’s only one opportunity to make a good first impression. Anticipate the arrival of the new patient, and make every effort to
extend a warm and friendly welcome.

• Dental practices should handle every phone call made by patients in a friendly and positive manner.

• They must emphasize on understanding a patient’s requirements rather than simply exchanging basic information.

• Those handling the front desk should approach patients in a friendly and enthusiastic way.

• The entire dental team must focus on offering value to each and every patient as well as pay heed to their requests.

• Dental practices must also provide quick and timely appointments.

• Inquire about the patient’s comfort. Offer amenities, such as a glass of water.

• You want to build trust and long-standing relationships with your patients. Sometimes taking a personal interest in your patients
goes a long way.

Dental practices can do everything possible to treat their patients and provide them with 100% support and satisfaction. Dental firms must understand that offering quick and prompt answers to patient queries such as dental fee, insurance, appointments, availability of dentists and other important things is what it really takes to adding value and offering outstanding customer services and support.
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