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We streamline the difficult task of finding the right employees, with the right skills and placing them in the right offices at the right times.  We take the hassle out of finding qualified candidates so you can focus on what you do best.

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Stream Dental offers a customized & strategic approach that allows us to be as hands-on or hands-off as desired by your office. Our team of experts will work with you to determine your HR needs. Whether that is recruiting, screening, interviewing and hiring for your office OR providing coaching to transfer our knowledge to you, Stream can help the human part of your office run more efficiently.

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Take advantage of our vast network of pre-screened & qualified candidates Stream Dental Staffing Solutions has built a network of highly qualified candidates that are looking for long term, rewarding careers in the dental field. Stream has 30+ years of experience in the dental industry. We know that finding the right match for a dental office makes all the difference! Running a team is a unique skill and we can show you how to build it!

Vacant positions in your dental practice can cause stress to you and your team. They can also negatively impact the quality of care patients receive. The cost of a bad hire can run into many thousands of dollars and could potentially harm the sterling reputation your practice has worked hard to build. 

Finding the right candidates with the right skills may be more time consuming than you thought. Let us take the stress out of finding a replacement! Allow your office to focus on what you do best; provide the best possible treatment to your patients!


What people are saying.

    “Stream dental is a fantastic service for dental professionals. We had a delightful time working with Samantha to fill a temporary and then full time position at our office. It was extremely efficient and stress-free. I would 100% recommend Stream dental for anyone looking to fill a dental position in their office(s).”


    Dr. Mark Hamanishi via Ortho Smiles
    “It has been great working with Stream Dental. They have been very helpful and extremely reliable when we needed good staff. Thanks to Samantha, who is very prompt in responding every time we reach out to her. Simply excellent service!”


    Abby B. via Smile 32 Dentistry

Recruitment Training.

Dentistry is about helping people achieve optimal oral health & the smile of their dreams! Finding and hiring the right team members can either help or hinder your success. This can be a challenging process without the right resources. It can be complicated and it can potentially include negative legal repercussions if it isn’t done properly!

Maybe you’ve been able to avoid some of the dangers that can arise through the hiring process, but it’s probably just a matter of time before you are presented with some kind of recruitment or hiring headache. Not convinced? Have a look at this infographic:

Recruitment Training

As you can see, the cost of mishandling hiring is quite high!

Thankfully, Stream Dental was built to help dentists like you avoid such terrible – and expensive – consequences. We know the hiring process inside and out, and we understand dentistry from every possible angle. We will work with you & your management team and offer training, templates and forms to ensure that the hiring process is handled properly and smoothly every time! We will ensure that you effectively recruit and hire only the best candidates!

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