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Corrective Action Bundle




Feel like it’s time to put your foot down with an employee – but not sure how to take the next steps?

Though we work hard to avoid it, from time to time we will find our practice is suffering from employee behavior, attitude or performance issues that warrant action or progressive discipline.

Ideally, we want to work to tackle minor issues before they become major ones using a constructive approach that encourages positive growth and development in the workplace. Our Corrective Action Bundle is designed to do exactly that.

The bundle includes:

  • Corrective Action Guide: This guide outlines the corrective action (a.k.a progressive discipline) process including a step by step guide on when to have the conversation, what style to use, how to be prepared for it and how to document it. 
  • Progressive Discipline Policy
  • Performance Improvement Plan
  • Verbal Warning Sample Letter
  • Written Warning Sample Letter
  • Final Written Warning

You can use this bundle to educate supervisors and managers on how to effectively discipline staff and positively correct any behavior, attitude or performance issues. By implementing these processes, you provide employees the opportunity to become a productive part of your practice and help to make a termination more defensible if you are ever taken to court.


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