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Probationary Period Policy




When first hired into a practice, a new employee will need a period of time to become familiar with the practice and to move toward competency in their position.

The first few months of employment represent an opportunity for both the employee and the employer to determine if the original hiring decision was best for all involved – this is what a probationary period (a.k.a trail or introductory period) is meant for.

This policy will outline the details of the probationary period with your new team member to ensure that there are understanding and agreement on the probationary terms.

What’s included:

  • Probationary Period Policy

*Have you recently made a new hire? Check out our Probationary Review Bundle including guides, letters, templates and evaluation forms. Our guide was developed to provide Dentists and their management team with the resources to use this probationary period and benefit your practice.

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