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Hiring the wrong candidate can be a very costly mistake, as not only can you lose time and money during the hiring phase, but you can also lose it during the training period due to lost productivity.

Therefore, it’s important to implement a probationary period for all your new hires. This provides a set timeframe and trial period for you to review your new employee’s performance, during which you can coach and train them and set them up for success.

Many employers assume they have no obligations to probationary employees until the probationary period has ended – but this simply isn’t true.

Our guide was developed to provide dentists and their management teams with the resources needed to make the most of this probationary period and explore how it can benefit your practice.

Regularly checking in with new hires will help you gauge future performance, clarify expectations, build a healthy employee-manager relationship, and ensure the smooth transition and early success of a new hire.

HR Documents, letters, and templates included in this bundle include:

  • Your Probationary Period Success Guide: In this guide, we dive into how to clearly define probationary terms, conduct reviews and offer feedback, determine suitability, and how to take action where needed.
  • Employee Probationary Performance Evaluation: This form is designed to evaluate the overall performance of the employee during their probationary period, outlining and listing the required competencies and criteria.
  • Probationary Period Policy
  • Completion of Probationary Period Letter
  • Extension to Probationary Period
  • Termination Letter

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