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Purchasing a dental practice is a big decision, with many detailed steps and a significant amount of information to process; determining the assets, intellectual property, and patient base are major factors that are considered in these transactions. One of the biggest assets in most mergers & acquisitions are the team you are inheriting with your purchase. But, this is often one of the last things on your mind and can be one of the largest expenses and can be a costly liability if not handled correctly!

Stream Dental has the experience in helping you mitigate any risk, assessment of the practice human capital, and identify potential complications or liabilities through a rigorous HR Due Diligence.

The Practice Acquisition strategy would compromise of two phases:
1) Prior to Acquisition
  • HR Due Diligence
  • HR Audit
  • Identifying key staffing challenges
  • Development of your practice guidelines & HR program
  • Assesment of staffing needs & culture

2) After Purchase

  • Onboarding & integration of practice
  • Ensuring new employees are welcomed aboard and integrating existing benefits
  • Policy integration
  • HR support

Not only will we help save you countless hours & thousands of dollars, we also help create a seamless transition with your new team and make them feel excited to be a part of your extended family!

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