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Are you looking to establish baseline principles and guidelines in your dental practice for yourself and your employees? If you want to communicate company values and expectations to your employees, Employee Handbook is for you.

It is important for employers to document their policies and procedures so that company standards and expectations are communicated and available to employees. Policies and procedures help guide both employees and managers on how employment is carried out within the organization. An employee handbook is an excellent resource for employees to gain an understanding of your organizational policies, procedures, and expectations of employee conduct.

What’s included:

  • A templated employee handbook that is based on federal law and regulation for your country
  • Providing guidance on how to handle certain situations and/or issues such as vacation time/requests, discipline, attendance, workplace harassment etc.
  • Over 40 policies are included outlining employment policies, payroll practices, overtime pay, code of conduct, employee benefits, time off and attendance and much more!
  • Up-to-date policies

Looking for a custom employee handbook that is tailored to your practice and province/state?

We have you covered! Check out our HR Start Kit for more details.

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