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Are you a startup or looking to get your HR foundation started?

What if we could eliminate the guesswork, save you time, and be more productive – so that you have the opportunity to grow your practice, and provide your patients with the very best care.

The HR CUSTOMIZED Starter Kit is a cost-effective solution that ensures your most important HR needs are covered. The HR Starter Package is a pre-defined set of HR projects that address the most common human resource management requirements for your Dental Practice.

What’s included:

  • CUSTOMIZED Employee Handbook based on your state/province and practice needs.
  • Employment Agreements
  • ALL Manuals & Guides Bundles
  • ALL HR Forms
  • BONUS: FREE “Ask the Expert” session with one of our local HR advisors

What you can expect:

  • Within minutes, you will receive 60+ files straight to your inbox! That’s right, ALL of the HR forms, manuals & guides, and employment agreement to easily implement in your practice right away!
  • Our HR expert will work directly with you to help understand your practice needs, vision and current HR protocols.
  • They will customize the handbook based on your provincial/state regulations.
  • Have any pressing HR issues or questions? They will give you the support and advice on how to handle those HR nightmares that have been keeping you up at night!

Why pay over $2500 just for an employee handbook?

Now you can have ALL of these HR tools and resources for a fraction of the cost???

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