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Behavioural Profile Assessment (DISC) + Feedback Session





You started your practice to help change your patients’ lives, improve their health and to create a successful business to provide for your family. Finding and hiring the right team members can either help or hinder your success! You need to be thorough and diligent during the hiring process because your reputation, business, and quality of patient care are at stake!

Using a Behavioural Profile Assessment (BPA) will help guide the employee and manager/owner in leveraging behaviour for success. Using BPAs can be used to hire the right person, get employees off to a fast start, revitalize current employees, improve communication and build sound employee relationships. We encourage them that BPA should always be part of their recruitment process to reinforce the other parts of the process (interview, reference checks, etc.) Used properly it is an effective tool in the recruitment process. Proper recruitment will lead to better retention, sustainability, and success

How does one do a Behavioural Profile Assessments (DISC)

It’s easy — a BPA is done online and can be completed within 15 minutes!  The results then go through over 354 filters and the results are sent back to you for review and analysis.

What is included:

  • BPA is conducted on candidate
  • Upon completion, the results then go through over 354 filters and the results are sent to our team for review and analysis.
  • The final BPA is then prepared and presented during a Discovery call with our DISC trained and certified professional
  • You will have a clear understanding of their behaviour and identify if this candidate will fit into your office culture

Why not invest that time to include a BPA in your recruitment process and identify the keys to motivation within the team and help eliminate conflict and employee turnover!

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