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General Questions

I see you are located in Canada, can you help my office in the US?

We are passionate about helping as MANY Dental business owners as possible which is why we expanded our team and services to the United States, Our team of HR specialist are certified experts with employment legislation for the united states. They are located in the USA and have experience working with large companies and non-profits across the United States. They will ensure your employee handbooks, HR libraries and policies are compliant with your state regulations.

All I need is a handbook for my HR systems right?

Employee handbooks are an important component of HR but there is much more involved to successfully implement your practice guidelines. Along with our comprehensive library, we coach you and provide you with all of the necessary tools and resources to make HR an effective and integral part of your business!

I have an outdated employee handbook, can you review it to see what we need to update to stay compliant?

Yes, we can perform an HR audit to review your current handbook and HR systems and provide recommendations & support to ensure you are protected and compliant.

Do I have to sign a 2 year contract and pay a monthly fee for your services?

No, we are an on demand HR service. We help you setup your HR foundation and provide you the resources & training to set you up for success. We know that you will not need our services every month, so why should you pay for something you do not need? You should be free to re-invest that time and money back into your business. Call us when you need us 

Can you help my practice develop a customized handbook?

We understand that no two practices alike and that is why we customize your handbook specifically based on your state/provincial regulation and practice needs. We incorporate your practice vision, office culture and future growth plans so this handbook can grow with you!

Can you take care of the administration? I don’t have time to deal with paperwork!

Of course! Not only do we help you setup your HR foundation and systems but we can also can become your Virtual HR manager. We can take the headaches, hassles and paperwork away from you so you can focus on being a dentist again, not an HR manager. Everything from hiring and on-boarding, we help you stay organized and on-top of your HR. Saving you time so you can reinvest it back into growing your business.

How long does it take to get my handbook?

We strive to ensure your handbook is compliant with state and federal regulations. We have a very detailed and in-depth process to ensure we capture your practice vision, needs and growth plans into your handbook. This process can take up to 2 weeks to get your first draft completed for you to review. We include up to 3 revisions to make sure we have included the systems and policies needed to make your HR an integral part of your business.

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