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Do you feel lost when it comes to Human Resources? 

Not sure what you need or why you need it?  

What if we can help eliminate the guesswork, save you time, free you from stress - so that you have the opportunity to grow your practice, and provide your patients with the very best care!  

Human Resources Made Easy for YOUR Dental Practice

Our comprehensive Human Resources library contains ready-made structures and systems created for you to easily implement in your practice, right now.  

Whether you’re looking for an employee handbook, HR policies, manual & guides, or any other resource needed to manage your practice, we’ve got you covered!  

Now is the time to see what our HR resources can do for your practice! 


ARE YOU...  

  • A new start-up practice or looking to build your HR foundation? HR Starter Kits  
  • Looking for individual policies to supplement your current HR protocols? HR Policies
  • Searching for a step by step guide on developing effective HR systems? Manuals and Guides
  • In need of on-demand HR support for your Dental Practice? HR Hotline
  • Looking for customized employee handbooks based on your provincial/state regulations and practice needs? Custom HR Kit

  Start Your HR Foundation in One EASY Step  

We’ve designed our HR Starter Kits to eliminate the guesswork, educate you on how to smoothly and easily implement flawless HR practices in your office, and provide you with every document you might need for everything from recruiting to hiring to performance reviews to terminations and MUCH MORE! Take a look at what's included in each kit:  

If you don’t want to spend a ton of time and energy figuring out everything that goes into Human Resources - the processes, the finer details, the technicalities - so that you can focus on growing your practice and crafting gorgeous smiles for your patients instead, then these HR starter kits are the perfect thing for your practice!

Looking to Streamline Your CURRENT HR Protocols?

Do you currently have an HR protocol and are looking to supplement it with additional policies or manuals & guides?


Already have an established HR program but looking for additional and updated policies? Such as:

  • Confidentiality Agreement 
  • Internet Use & Social Media Policy
  • Vacation Policy 
  • Respectful Workplace 
  • Much More

Manuals & Guides

We have bundled all of the HR documents, forms and letters together to help guide you through various HR situations with ease. 

  • New hires
  • Corrective Action 
  • Performance Reviews 
  • Much More 



  • One of the biggest struggles every business has, is finding and KEEPING top talent - save yourself from the stress of constant employee turnover! 
  • 41% of surveyed employers reported that a bad hire in the past year had cost them at least $25,000
  • 1 in 5 civil lawsuits are filed by a current or a former employee, and in 10% of cases, employers had to pay in excess of $1 million dollars to their employee(s) - there really is no “winning” a lawsuit!  

What Other’s Are Saying

“I started working with Stream Dental a few months before we opened our doors for business. They helped us find our dream team and establish our Human Resource protocols. It saved me SO much time especially with everything I was already juggling with! Now, I have one less thing to worry about in my practice!”  

-Dr. Ashley Joves, Owner of Smile and Company 

“Stream Dental Staffing Solutions makes owning a practice so much easier. Human Resource was my least favorite thing to deal with but with Stream Dental they made it much easier! They are knowledgeable, professional, and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend them.” 

-Dr. Glenn Vo, Owner of Denton Smile Dentistry

Simplified. Streamlined. Human Resources

Are You Ready To:

  • Say goodbye to the confusion and stress of Human Resources and have a library of easy-to-use manuals and plans for every HR situation!
  • Have access to HR experts to give you all of the know-how, plus all the fundamental resources needed to completely eliminate guesswork in your practice.
  • Enjoy an incredible work environment and an office staffed with happy team members to grow your business 
  • See your practice reach new levels of success and having more time to dedicate to your patients, your growth, and yourself!  


Then Now is the Time to Take Your HR to the Next Level With Ease and Success!