Avoiding a Bad Hire in YOUR Dental Practice

Do you know what making a bad hire can cost your dental practice? 41% of surveyed employers who said a bad hire in the past year had cost them at least $25,000. OUCH- that's a hard pill to swallow! Unless you enjoy throwing away money, you need to kick your bad hiring habits before it drives your business into the ground!

Hire an experienced recruiter

Recruiters have the experience and network of pre-screened and qualified candidates that are ready to find their next dream job! They have already invested the time to search for top-notch employees. They are here to help you save you time and money on avoiding a bad hire or having a position go unfilled.

Think about your practice.

This step requires some serious forethought! Remembering your mission/vision statement helps to keep in mind what your practice short and long-term aspirations are. This can help you analyze and understand the traits and skills needed to help you reach your goals!

Create a checklist

Now that you spent some time hammering through all the details; write it down and create your checklist. Really think about the traits and skills you are looking for and divide them into: must have, nice to have and non-negotiable.

Bring this checklist to every interview and use this as your road map to ensure you do not forget the big picture! Your practice success is counting on it!

Reference checks

All candidates who apply to the position have one goal in mind- to get hired! They will do and say whatever it takes to make sure this happens! Do not be fooled! Remember, you are investing your time, money and practices reputation on this person. Always ask for three references and do your due diligence!


In order to have a successful and profitable practice, you need to have the right team at your side. Your staff is the face of your business, and your office environment can make or break your success! Check out our new hire bundle that has everything you need to hire the best people every time!


How To Write A Perfect Cover Letter for Dental Professionals

Why is there only one word for "thesaurus"? How come abbreviation is such a long word? If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to see it, do the other trees make fun of it? … These are some of life’s mysteries and so is writing a killer cover letter! How can you possibly explain to an employer how amazing you are in just a few paragraphs? More importantly, how can you show them that you are worth meeting?

Here are some tips to help solve this mystery and help you land your dream job simply by having a killer cover letter!

Who are YOU?

When you write a cover letter, you must understand one thing- your resume and cover letter are two different things! Your resume will provide all the information about your academic and educational background. In your cover letter, you need to grab your future employers attention and announce your qualifications in the right way! For instance, “As a Dental Assistant with over 10 years of experience working in a progressive and patient-focused office. Through those years, I have gained (list 3 specific traits/skills that relate to this job posting). My extensive training, positive attitude and leadership skills will allow me to immediately add value to your practice and team.”


Why do you want to work at THIS practice?

Here is where you tailor your cover letter to show that you know why you want and deserve this position! Take a minute to put yourself in the Dentist position and think about what they need to see in order to prove your value for the role. Use the job description, research you have done on the office/position to articulate what makes this job desirable. For example:

“I found this job posting online and once I started performing my research, I was impressed with what I saw (state a specific area of the office ie: services provided, technology/software used by the office, etc). As I went through the requirements of this job and matched them against my experience and skills, it just started to click into place. I believe I am a perfect match for this position. I have a great deal of experience in doing this type of job, and your practice's values are in line with the values I am seeking in a job”


What makes YOU a good candidate?

This is the longest but most important part of your letter- “Why are you’re the BEST for this role?”

Don’t waste this paragraph by listing all your accomplishments because they will see this on your resume but show that you understand and appreciate the qualities and traits they are looking for! Be specific and give translatable examples from your prior work.

Remember to spend time carefully reading the job description and putting yourself in the Dentist shoes! Be sure to include the key terms mentioned in the listing. There is nothing more irritating than reading a “generic” cover letter that you can tell has been mailed out to multiple employers!

Thank you and Follow up

Summarize your qualifications- “Throughout my career, I have taken on several responsibilities, diverse challenges and have proven my ability to deliver positive results. I would be thrilled to further discuss the possibility of doing the same at practice”

Be sure to offer references and state that you look forward to hearing from them.


Presto! Now you have the formula to make a killer cover letter! Now about those resumes… Did you know that Stream Dental offers resume advise and career coaching? Call us today!




4 Ways to Motivate Your Team

Picture this- It’s Monday morning and you walk into the office. You notice the atmosphere is different… their smiles and happy-go-lucky attitudes have vanished! All of a sudden they hit a wall. They’re not progressing like they used too or they’re just not interested anymore! What now?

Having a great team improves all aspects of the practice, most importantly patient care. Let’s discuss four effective ways to motivate your team and get them back on track!

Chalk Out A Plan Of Action

Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your practice short and long-term goals! When you have an idea of your new and improved plan of action, involve your team! Don’t keep your team in the dark! Include them, make them understand and appreciate how their efforts and hard work can help or hurt the practice’s success! They will become more accountable, responsible and focused. Two minds are better than one- ask for their input! They will feel appreciated and be more likely to contribute ideas that can definitely strengthen your plan for growth. Remember there is no “I” in team! The more invested they are, the harder they will work for and with you!

Make The Goal Visible

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”- Tony Robbins

Great! Now you have a plan of action and everyone is on board and determined to execute it! Next step is to make it visible to your team on a regular basis! It can be as simple as a having it written out on a whiteboard posted in the lunch room or by reviewing it in your morning or weekly team meetings! Having a constant reminder of what the office is working towards will keep everyone engaged and on track!

Appreciate Hard Work

Often times, the biggest reason why people leave their jobs is because they do not feel appreciated! In many cases, appreciation is a greater reward than money! Show your sincere gratitude and look for ways to commend your team!

If you want your employees to be happy and productive, you need to give them recognition for a job well done and let them know that they are appreciated and important! It can be as simple as bringing everyone a treat to say “Thank you” for staying over lunch to help with an appointment that took longer than expected. Or giving praise to a team member that really stood out or went the extra mile!

Setting the right example

Setting a good example is not enough; you need to set the right example. The old adage of "Do as I say, not as I do" does not work well when managing your team! It is vital that you recognize the importance of being a positive role model and use your behavior and attitude to set the tone for an effective work environment.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes they way and SHOWS the way - John Maxwell.

What you do or do NOT do will begin to trickle down to the rest of the team! Remember, your team's motivation and engagement is largely dependent on the environment and atmosphere you create for them!


Help your team to learn and grow. Empower them. Don’t forget- they are your biggest asset!



How to Become a Great Employee in your Dental Practice: 10 Traits That Will Make the Difference

Hooray! You just landed your dream job! A nice boss, great team, a positive and friendly environment, perfect hours! Just what you have been looking for! You want to perform to the best of your abilities and make them proud to have you be a part of their team! Here are some tips on how to become the next "Employee of the Month!"

Are you punctual?

Time management is everything! Being tardy is a bad habit and can convey the message that you do not respect their time! Being late implies you are rude and lack all consideration for your team as well as for the commitment you made. {OUCH!} Punctuality is important! Do your best to be on time and not continuously weigh on your team's patience.

Do you have a positive attitude?

This really sounds simple, but more often it is difficult to keep up the good spirits! Some days life can weigh you down! Maybe it hasn't been your week or month. Your stress can start to creep into your work, attitude and how you treat others. Left unchecked, negativity is like a wildfire and before you know it...the whole office is engulfed in a fury of negativity and complaining! {CALL 911!} To avoid this, it helps to surround yourself and fill your mind with positive things- read a book, call your overly optimistic friend, exercise or simply go for a walk! Douse that fire with a refreshingly positive attitude!

Do you feel accountable for the job?

"Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to results" - Does this sound like words that you live by? Often thinking this is a mere "job" makes your day's monotonous and meaningless. If your job becomes your passion, your performance, confidence, and enthusiasm will be noticed!

Being a good team player

To run a successful Dental clinic, each team member needs to work together to provide quality care to your patients! Working as a team requires that you put the team's goals and the team's accountability ahead of your own! This will show everyone that you are here to help and do what is needed so the office runs smoothly and each patient walks out happy!

Motivation for improvement

Complacency kills- it is a slow and agonizing death of your career! You have to be someone who strives for improvement. Once you are employed, you must remember that the growth of an organization largely depends on the growth of an individual. If you are not growing, how can you help your practice to grow?

Be a solution-maker

Life happens and so do problems. But with every problem is an opportunity. Be proactive and look for ways to create solutions. This helps to increase your reliability within the team.

An eye for details

This career requires an eye for details. Your skill set demands that you are careful, thorough and patient. Do not rush through the task at hand and end up missing a very important step.

To be understanding and patient

In your career, there will be a lot of patients who will be nervous, anxious or EXTREMELY picky! Some days you want to throw in the towel! Take a deep breath and remember you are in the customer service business! Making sure the patient walks away happy will leave you walking away happy at the end of your day!

Accepting your shortcomings

No one is perfect {...except for me over course!} But what you need to show your employer that you identify your shortcomings or mistakes and you are ready to work on them.

Passionate about the job

No two days are the same in a Dental practice! If you are not passionate about the job, it will take a toll on you. Remember that you are in the business of changing peoples lives by changing patients smile! Keeping this in mind will help ignite your passion! Passion is the difference between having a job and having a career!


Landing your dream job is not enough. It is how you behave after being hired! Make them happy they hired you! Most importantly make yourself proud by the hard and satisfying work you do every day!


5 Tips On How To Conduct An Effective Interview

It's crunch time! This vacant position is putting a lot of stress on your entire office! It doesn't help that your team is reminding you daily and pressuring you to hire a replacement! But wait..."what if you hire the wrong person?"

A wrong hire can negatively impact your office in more ways then you may think! Let's talk about wasted time, money, team morale and worst yet... the quality of patient care is impacted the most!

There are ways to avoid this! It starts with conducting an effective interview!

Before the Interview
Before you decide to even meet your first candidate, you need to set yourself up for the meeting. Opt for a setting which is quiet, clear of distractions and will be comfortable for both yourself and the candidate! Remember, job interviews are very nerve-racking and intimidating! Make them feel at ease so they can feel comfortable to be open and honest!

Be prepared
Tune into your inner "boy scout"- always be prepared! Start by preparing a list of interview questions in advanced. This can be done by reverse engineering this position: "what type of qualities, skills and/or experience is needed to help us take our office to the next level of success?" Once you determine what those are, write these questions down! Have them with you during the interview to serve as an outline.

Explaining the Position
Everyone is nervous in the first few minutes of their interview! Be nice and put them at ease! Break the ice by introducing yourself, describe your office and team environment. Remember you have to sell them just as much as they have to sell themselves! Calgary's dental job market is competitive these days!

A prospective employee may not fully understand what the job demands! Spend a few minutes and speak about the job responsibilities and requirements. Let them know what will be expected of them and also any opportunity for growth.

AskOpen-Ended Question
Asking yes/no questions will give you a 50/50 chance of getting the answer you want. But we are looking for the answers your NEED! Ask questions that will force them to respond with more detail!

Open ended questions will help transition you to ask follow up questions! Use this time to really get to know them! Will they take your office in the direction of success or will they take one step back...right where you are now?

Wait for it... This is the moment when the candidate can really show they have done their homework! Did they do their research about your office? Do they take this time to tell you what they can bring to the table! Or do they only ask what they can get out of the job (ie. $$$)

By conducting an effective interview, it enables you the opportunity to make sure the expectations of the job are clearly specified and addressed with the applicants. Taking notes will keep their answers organized for quick reference, making the decision-making part of hiring much easier!

Stream Dental Staffing Solutions can help streamline the difficult task of finding the right candidates, with the right skills at the right times! One of the greatest things about Stream is that we meet every clients desired involvement in the hiring process. From being fully present at every stage of the recruitment agenda, to leaving everything in our capable hands, each practice can be as engaged as they want!


Top 5 Questions to Ask At Your Next Dental Job Interview

Congratulations! Your resume has impressed the Dentist and they just asked you to come in for an interview. Now what???

As an aspiring dental professional in this competitive job market, you NEED to make a genuine first impression to stand out! One way to get started is to find out about the dental practice you are planning to join. While, preparing the relevant documents, resume and gathering details pertaining to your previous work experience and skills are important, it is impertinent that you make a list of questions that you would want to ask your future employer. Interviewing the interviewer...make sure this new office will match your needs, goals and lifestyle!

Here, take a look at the top 5 questions that you must ask during your next interview!

1.What is Your Dental Services Philosophy?

Simple right? Make sure to listen carefully! Their answer is important and can give you a good indication of their office and patient philosophy.

Now ask yourself- "Does this match my philosophy? Are they providing the level of patient care, services, and treatment that I would recommend to my family/friends? Is this environment somewhere I would be happy spending 8+/hours a day in?

Deep...I know! But this a great question, it not only shows your genuine interest to fit in but you will also help you to figure out if you will be happy working in their office. Being happy and satisfied with your work will make you a better dental health care provider and a better team player!

2.What type of Dental Technologies are you currently using?

If you wish to become a successful dental professional then make sure you join an office that offers modern, sophisticated and advanced dental technologies, software, and services! This will help you gain an insight into the world of dentistry and expand your knowledge and skills. You will also grow into a more efficient, experienced and effective dental professional in the future.

This question lets them know you are eager to apply your valuable skills and take their office from good to GREAT!

3.What are Your Future Plans? How are you growing?

This answer will help you find out more about their exact expansion plans, roadmap, new services and future goals.  You will be able to let them know how your previous skills and experience can help them reach their goals! It shows your value now and as a long-term employee!

4.What would be my role in your company?

You may be saying..."Hello! It's for as a Receptionist/RDA/RDH!"... Yes, BUT, it's important to understand the kind of position the company is willing to offer you. As an aspiring dental professional, you must find out more about your specific role within the organization. Their answer will give you a chance to see if this position will offer room for growth, promotion, and longevity in their office.

5.What would be our next step?

This question should be asked right when the interview has reached its conclusion. Remember, no company will disclose whether they would be hiring you right away. But by asking such a question, you will send a strong message - you are interested and enthusiastic about working with them! Plus, after asking such strategic questions, why wouldn't they hire you?!?

Need help with your job search? Find out how Stream Dental Staffing Solutions can help you find your dream job faster!