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Terminating an employee for any reason can be a very stressful and unpleasant situation and it can even be somewhat overwhelming, even a bit confusing… written notice, termination pay, progressive discipline, termination for cause, without cause. So many things to know and understand.

Take it step by step:
Proper preparation prior to the termination can get you prepared for what is to come but it also helps ensure that the employee leaves with dignity and helps mitigate risk to your practice.

Now sometimes, it is necessary to eliminate a position that has become redundant or you may have to lay off employees due to business slowdowns. Other times, terminations may be due to poor performance or inappropriate conduct. Regardless of the reason, it is important to terminate the business relationship in a professional manner, with appropriate notice, and in a way that meets at least, the minimum legislative requirements for your province/state.   

An employee who is wrongfully terminated or terminated without cause and not provided with an appropriate notice period (or payment in lieu), will now have reason to initiate legal action to recover the monies owing, or to contact an employment standards officer to open an investigation. Which is something I am sure you would not like to happen!
It’s much better to understand the appropriate way to handle terminations within your workplace so that you avoid any type of litigation or investigation in the first place. 

Terminations caused by poor performance: Some employers will avoid conflict as long as possible and will continue putting up with inappropriate conduct or poor performance from an employee, rather than starting the disciplinary process. Having a disruptive employee, or someone who does not seem to pull their weight, can begin to have a negative effect on the rest of the staff; and that is something you do not want! When employees see that an underperforming colleague is allowed to continue down such a path, the rest of your staff may become resentful and it can result in lower productivity and higher turnover.
Poor performance or inappropriate conduct should be addressed as soon after the incident as possible, or upon noticing deteriorating performance. In some cases, working with the employee can help to turn things around without having to take further disciplinary action.

However, if the results are still not acceptable, it is critical to act quickly, document all discussions, and adhere to legislated requirements for your jurisdiction before terminating employment.

Cover the basics:
1. When an employee is hired, it is important to have them sign an employment contract. This contract will clearly outline information that outlines roles, expectations, salaries, probationary period and termination provisions.
2. Conduct regular performance reviews to provide feedback, guidance and create an action plan for areas of improvement.
3. If there is a cause for progressive discipline it must be documented to show you provided enough opportunity & guidance for them to improve.
4. If at that point, things are not improving you must contact an HR professional for advice to ensure that your documentation and process is appropriate to minimize your risk.

If you proceed with deciding to terminate- it does not end there!

There are series of steps you still need to take to ensure everything is done correctly the day of. We can’t stress this enough! The decision to terminate should never be taken lightly. If not handled properly, it can also result in expensive litigation. This is not a position you would want to find yourself in.

We have put together a termination checklist for you to download. It walks you through what needs to be done the day of termination.  Visit:  
Stream Dental understands that you have a lot on your plate, as the owner of a growing Dental Practice, usually having little or no in-house Human Resource expertise! Our new services allow us to become your virtual HR department. Offering human capital solutions that provide the greatest impact on workplace productivity, employee engagement & retention and help you grow your business with the right people and processes.  
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Let’s start off by addressing what a confidentiality agreement is. It’s an agreement for your team to keep everything in your office confidential. The purpose of the agreement is for your team members to agree to maintain confidentiality regarding all confidential materials, patient information, processes, marketing, pending business transactions… just to name a few! This agreement outlines that all confidential information is kept strictly confidential both during and after their term of employment.

Why is this necessary?
As a business owner, you have worked hard to grow your practice and to provide the best treatment to your patients and build your reputation. It is important for you to protect all your hard work by having a confidentiality agreement in place. Everyone who comes to your office to work should sign one! This means, all new and current team members should sign! One other area that is often over-looked are any temporary employees or candidates that come into your office for working interviews. You want to protect you and your practice.

We understand that temporary relief & working interviews are a common in this industry, but have you ever given much thought about getting potential candidates to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to their interview?

The same goes with working interviews. These potential candidates may come into contact with, view, or handle confidential medical and personal patient information, products and/or system. This is information that is not readily available to the public, and may compromise your practices competitive advantage in the market place in the event that sensitive business information relating to your practice is divulged.

Now don’t be fooled! The internet has many sample templates that you can download for free but it may still leave you vulnerable! One size does not fit all when it comes to legal documents & protecting your office.
Contact Stream Dental today and we will help customize your confidentiality agreement to suit your practice.


Rethinking Human Resources for Dental

As a business owner, you need to be able to attract, hire and retain high-quality individuals to help you ensure that your practice succeeds. And that’s no easy task! What’s more, you need to be able to protect your practice by setting clear expectations and implementing policies that preserve the integrity of your business.
Ideally, these would be handled by a full-time Human Resources manager — someone who understands the intricacies of HR in a manner that matches your expertise in dentistry. Hiring people for your practice is one thing; but Human Resources entails much more than just hiring and firing.

Human Resources — Critical to the Success of Your Practice
Look at it this way: if you do Human Resources right, you can grow your business and keep your patients smiling in more ways than one! Not only do you attract the best employees; you also retain them and keep them on track with clear expectations and policies that outline important standards and practices. And when employees fail to live up to those expectations and standards, you are ready to discipline, retrain or, if the situation warrants, terminate their employment confidently, knowing that you are following all pertinent guidelines, legal and otherwise.
However, if you do Human Resources wrong or fail to give it the attention it deserves, the consequences can be costly and severe, putting your practice in jeopardy.
Hiring people becomes a game of chance. Sure, there are job boards that can help you find qualified candidates, but the screening and hiring process takes time, effort and energy. You can also find templates online for various policies, contracts, guidelines and other documentation, but these readymade pieces of content don’t consider the nuances that make your practice special and unique.
Doing it all by yourself is not a viable solution — it only leaves you exhausted and unable to provide the excellent care that your patients expect.

How to Screen Potential Candidates No One-Size-Fits-All Solutions
Searching the web for advice and examples regarding your policies, contracts and documents may give you an education on some of the fundamentals of Human Resources. But you need Human Resources solutions that are strategically crafted with your specific practice in mind. This is where Stream Dental’s HR services can make a massive impact and keep you from making costly mistakes.
For many dentists, the idea of crafting specific policies doesn’t occur to them until an incident must be dealt with. For example, you may assume that your employees will adhere to a certain standard of appearance or dress. But unless this expectation is communicated, agreed upon and enshrined in an official policy document, you may find yourself having awkward conversations with employees who hold a different view of work-appropriate dress than you.

There can be over 50 official policies that dentistry practices should have, and Stream Dental is here to help you craft them in the manner that best suits your practice.
Some examples include:
• Policy Manual
• Confidentiality Agreement
• Termination
• Overtime
• Holidays/Vacation and Sick Days
• Probationary Period

We don’t just supply a plan and let you figure it out; we work with you to develop a strategy that allows you to grow your business with the best people onboard!

Thankfully, Stream Dental Staffing Solutions understands the precise Human Resources needs of dental practices like yours!

Stream Dental — Your Virtual HR Experts

You need a Human Resources solution that allows you to focus on doing what you do best — treating your patients. Several solutions exist, but Stream Dental brings serval years of dental-industry experience to the table in addition to top-notch, up-to-date HR practices and procedures that are crafted specifically for your business.

Let us be your virtual HR department!
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Human Resources gets a bad rap sometimes and is often misunderstood & over-looked! It goes beyond just hiring and firing! HR deals with the human aspects/needs of both employees and employers. Many dental companies do not have an HR department and the duties often fall on the Dentist or the Office Manager- who do not have up to date training and information on employment standards & regulations.

What is HR?:
Let’s start off by talking about what the Human Resource department does. The HR department needs to provide the knowledge, necessary tools, training, administrative services, coaching, staff development, legal and management advice, and talent management oversight that the rest of the organization needs for successful operation. HR departments must become attune to changes in the business and talent landscapes and help organizations navigate the changes in pursuit of their goals.

Appropriate Documentation:
Another area that often gets overlooked in Dental practices are employment contracts and policy manuals. Why are these documents so important?! The importance of having those in place are meant to protect not only the rights of you as an employer, but also the rights (or powers) of your employees. These documents help ensure expectations and responsibilities of both the employee and employer are clearly defined.
A policy manual helps you communicate your company expectations to your employees by developing a clear a thorough manual. These will be your workplace guidelines that cover a wide range of workplace activities, from resolving conflicts, to code of conduct, to performance management, dress code, sick leave, vacation time and much more. Having these documents leaves no grey areas of what is expected of your employees.

We understand that recruiting takes lots of time. You want to find the right candidate to fit your team. It may take time to find the right candidate, but it’s important to do it right. If you hire the wrong person, there can be negative affects to having a bad hire, such as having an adverse impact on your team dynamic, quality of customer service, lost time and wasted money.

Gone are the days where HR just meant hiring and firing. There is so much more involved when it comes to your staffing needs. It may seem a bit overwhelming with running your own successful practice and having to juggle all the HR duties as well, but it can be done!

Stream Dental understands that you have a lot on your plate, as the owner of a growing Dental Practice, usually having little or no in-house Human Resource expertise! Our new services allow us to become your virtual HR department. Offering human capital solutions that provide the greatest impact on workplace productivity, employee engagement & retention and help you grow your business with the right people and processes.


We understand that hiring can be stressful. Going through all the resumes, interviews and reference checks can be time consuming. You want to make sure that you are hiring the right fit for your practice and want someone to fit in with the team, so hiring the right person becomes quite a task. We often get asked: “Is it better to hire an experienced candidate or search for dental professionals with no experience at all”

Hiring for Dental Practices
When it comes to hiring candidates for different roles, dental practices need to take several things into consideration. To begin with, they must understand that searching for the right dental professionals can be extremely time-consuming and sometimes be a tedious process. All dental professionals are expected to handle several things at the same time. For instance, Dental Administrators need to manage patients, patient records, schedule appointments, manage inventory among other important tasks. You need to look at each role and understand what skills are required. You need to look for candidates that are best suited for various positions, because each position may require different skills, experience and education.

no-experience-necessaryExperience or No Experience
Before hiring a suitable candidate, dental practices need to have clear and concise idea around the type of candidate they are looking to hire and the skillset that is needed. Depending on the role, a dental practice should focus on hiring a candidate with great customer service, knowledge and positive attitude. Even if a candidate has many years of experience, they may fail to connect and interact with patients, which could result in some lost business. Thus, it is important for dental practices to hire dental professionals who are friendly in their approach and have a positive personality, whether they have 1 year experience or even 10 years. Dental Administrators and Assistants should pay heed to patients’ requirements and be personable. These are certain traits that cannot be taught at any dental school or college.

Dental practices must therefore assess a candidate’s overall skills, abilities and experience to determine whether he/she is suitable for the job or not. While, experienced dental professionals can certainly handle dental procedures and treatments appropriately, experience may not be everything. Thus, dental clinics should look to hire candidates based on the requirements of the job roles. While, there’s no denying the fact that experience comes in handy during dental procedures and treatments, dental practices shouldn’t ignore the fact that a candidate can easily be trained if he/she has the willingness and desire to learn and grow.

There is no hard rule to say whether experience is better than no experience, but it all boils down to the specific role you are hiring for and the skills needed for the job. Some things can be trained and learned, other things cannot!
Need help with your recruitment and HR needs, call Stream Dental Staff Solutions for a Free Consultation. We are here to help with your Staffing and HR needs.


The administration department of any organization plays a vital role in ensuring that the company operates in a smooth and hassle-free manner. In fact, efficient administrators work to help coordinate the entire office to help it run efficiently and achieving desired results. Like most companies, a dental practice too, has its own sets of challenges and needs effective administration to cater to their patients’ requirements as well as function and operate smoothly.

The Role of Administrators
You are a very important part of the team, the office needs you to run smoothly. You are also the “front-line” of a dental practice, you will usually be the first point of contact over the phone or on patient arrival. Remember, a lot of people may not be a fan of going to the dentist, so a pleasant smile and friendly demeanor go a long way! But there are other things that a Dental Administrator needs to excel at as well;

1. Being Organized: A dental practice needs to focus on developing appropriate operating procedures and processes. Dental Administrators should have an effective process in place to help the office run smoothly. From getting the office organized, to looking after all the front-line duties, Administrators should stress on developing appropriate administrative processes.

Part of a team
2. Ability to Multi-task: An administrator is responsible for administering the day-to-day activities of the office; from maintaining patient records, to scheduling appointments, to maintaining the appearance and order of the dental office. You need to be flexible and able to juggle many responsibilities at once.

3. Being Personable: You are the first point of contact and often the first-person patients talk to. You need to be friendly and must put the patients first. You may even take the role of a “counselor” to help ease the patients fears, if they have any, and be able to answer any questions they may have.

As a Dental Administrator, you help represent the dental practice. You must be professional, organized and friendly in treating patients in the right manner and cater to the requirements of the office. The administration department of any dental practice should emphasize on effective communication, making sure the office has processes and procedure in place and help with creating a smooth functioning office. You are a valued member of the dental team. They count on you to help with the office and your administrative duties!

Need help with your recruitment and HR needs, call Stream Dental Staff Solutions for a Free Consultation. We are here to help with your Staffing and HR needs.


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Have you ever asked yourself; “How can I find & hire the BEST staff for my Dental Practice?”.  We know it is A LOT of work to find the right candidate for your team. Let us help you!

Introducing Stream Dental Staffing Solutions

Stream Dental Staffing Solutions has built a network of highly qualified candidates that are looking for long term, rewarding careers in the dental field. Stream has 30+ years of experience in the dental industry. We know that finding the right match for a dental office makes all the difference! Running a team is a unique skill and we can show you how to build it!
Vacant positions in your dental practice can cause stress to you and your team and they can also negatively impact the quality of care patients receive. The cost of a bad hire can run into the many thousands of dollars and could potentially harm the sterling reputation your practice has worked hard to build.

Finding the right candidates with the right skills may be more time consuming than you thought. Let us take the stress out of finding a replacement for both TEMPORARY & PERMANENT positions. Allowing your office to focus on what you do best; provide the best possible treatment to your patients!

Contact us to schedule a FREE consultation. We would love to hear from you!

PS: Want to learn 20 things most Dental Professionals miss when hiring a new employee?stream-end-of-blog
finding a replacement

When it comes to running a successful dental practice, the entire dental team must work together to help meet the patient’s expectations, while also offering a positive and memorable experience. Managing clients and establishing long-term relationship is key.

Is it Possible?
It shouldn’t surprise you that today, patients expect more for their money. If your practice isn’t able to deliver, they may become inactive patients, or even worse, become someone else’s patient. Remember happy customers go on to let others know about your practice. So, if you truly want to grow and expand your office then focus on delivering exceptional customer service and support.

Good Service makes the difference Chalk Illustration How to Do It?
Customer service is more than just being friendly! It is about creating an excellent experience from the initial phone call to when they walk out the front door… each and every time! Excellent customer service entails a number of things and goes further than just being courteous towards patients. Dental practices must focus on creating a positive and friendly atmosphere within their clinics. It is crucial that they deliver exceptional services every time patients interact with them at their office. Remember, your aim should be to impress your patients and cater to their individual requirements.

• There’s only one opportunity to make a good first impression. Anticipate the arrival of the new patient, and make every effort to
extend a warm and friendly welcome.

• Dental practices should handle every phone call made by patients in a friendly and positive manner.

• They must emphasize on understanding a patient’s requirements rather than simply exchanging basic information.

• Those handling the front desk should approach patients in a friendly and enthusiastic way.

• The entire dental team must focus on offering value to each and every patient as well as pay heed to their requests.

• Dental practices must also provide quick and timely appointments.

• Inquire about the patient’s comfort. Offer amenities, such as a glass of water.

• You want to build trust and long-standing relationships with your patients. Sometimes taking a personal interest in your patients
goes a long way.

Dental practices can do everything possible to treat their patients and provide them with 100% support and satisfaction. Dental firms must understand that offering quick and prompt answers to patient queries such as dental fee, insurance, appointments, availability of dentists and other important things is what it really takes to adding value and offering outstanding customer services and support.
Stream Dental Staffing Solutions is always available to help with any staffing needs or business coaching. Contact us today for your FREE consultation.

In order to run and operate their business smoothly and successfully, dental practices require the services of skillful and knowledgeable dental professionals. Each of these members collaborate and co-ordinate with each other to help their practice achieve its long-term goals and objectives. A well-managed dental practice needs a team of competent and experienced dental professionals who are willing to work and operate together as a team. Team work allows dental practices to achieve their desired goals and objectives easily. This is why it’s crucial for your dental team to work together.

Smooth and Effective Operation:
A dental practice can work wonders with a well-coordinated team. In fact, when members are willing to operate as a team, they help the dental practice in creating a positive atmosphere for smooth and effective operation. Team work allows dental firms to focus on common goals, philosophies and furthermore contribute towards the success of their business.

Fulfill their Goals and Targets Comfortably:
When every member of a dental team including dental assistants, administrative professionals, receptionist, coordinators, treatment coordinators, dentists and office manager, among others, works side by side, they help their practice fulfill its targets easily. This is essential for any dental business that wants to stay ahead of their competitors and deliver excellent performance.


Gain Instant Recognition:
Team work allows practices to cater to their patient’s exact requirements and treat them appropriately. Remember, the ultimate aim of every dental firm is to find effective solutions to their patient’s dental problems. A dental practice receives instant recognition when their patients receive accurate dental treatments for their specific oral health problems and issues. Dental practices must understand that when they function together as a team, they automatically offer their patients the best experience and treatment. After all, your whole point in setting up a dental clinic is to treat patients properly and help with issues and concerns that they have.

Improve Productivity:
When members of a dental practice communicate and coordinate with each other on every single point, they automatically help the practice become much more productive. In the absence of team work, dental clinics fail to meet and exceed their targets as well as satisfy their clients.

Boost Profits:
Needless to say, when every member at your dental clinic is working hand in hand, they are allowing your practice to deliver consistent performance as well as satisfaction to your clients/patients. Further, happy clients allow your dental practice to find and treat hundreds of other patients, thereby boosting profits.
In order to deliver excellent results, dental practices must motivate their dental professionals and aid them in realizing the true importance and value of team work.
Stream Dental Staffing Solutions is always available to help with any staffing needs or business coaching. Contact us today for your FREE consultation.


When it comes to running a dental practice, dentists want to focus on treating their patients and not spending all their efforts on the stressful hiring process. It takes a lot of time to hire the right person. That’s exactly where a recruiter would be beneficial. With the right kind of recruiter by your side, finding the best, experienced and ideal dental candidates becomes a lot easier.

Having the Right People: When you hire a new employee, you spend a lot of time, resources and money to get them trained. What happens if after all that effort, they quit or it doesn’t work out! The practice encounters a number of problems in the absence of well trained, experienced and knowledgeable staff. Having a great dental team in place allows the dental office to operate smoothly and achieve their desired goals.

Achieve Success and Business Goals: A recruiter can find you the right people for your team who can further aid you in fulfilling your business goals and steer your dental practice on the path of success. Remember, when you choose the right set of people today, you’ll find it more convenient to fulfill your targets tomorrow. Candidates with positive mindset bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm with them, which eventually benefits the office in the long run. An experienced recruiter can assess candidates on your behalf and spot the right ones for your practice. With their years of practice and experience, they can determine which candidates are serious about their careers and future and which ones are simply looking for nothing more than job security.

Recruitment-Word-Cloud Save Time: Having a recruiter for your dental practice will aid you in saving a great deal of your time and energy, which you can further put towards expanding as well as strengthening your business. A recruiter will focus on getting you the right kind of dental professionals and assistants for your practice. This is a huge advantage for dentists & dental practices that do not have much time on hand to interview each and every candidate personally and then determine which ones are appropriate for their business. A recruiter will pre-screen and interview a number of candidates and review their resume to determine whether they are appropriate for the role or not. Recruiters dig into a candidate’s past experiences and current job profiles to analyze their true potential and capabilities.

Develop Long-term Partnership: Recruiters focus on building long-term relationships with their both candidates & clients. We help you find the best employees who fit your needs and your culture but that’s not all. We stick with you and your new hire during the critical onboarding process. We provide motivation so they can reach their full potential

Is your time valuable to you and your practice?! A lot goes into recruiting the right dental staff for various roles. Let a recruiter take over that task for you, so you can focus on your practice.
Contact Stream Dental today for a Free Consultation and let us assess your requirements and needs so we can find the right candidate for you!