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Having trouble hiring the right people for your Dental Practice?
Completely lost when it comes to Human Resources?
Are you struggling to retain top talent in your practice?
Ready to grow your practice, but not sure where to start?

Stream Dental Staffing Solutions.

Stream Dental Staffing Solutions is a brand-new service for an age-old problem that has challenged dentists for decades: Human Resources.

Whether it’s finding the best talent for your office, writing HR policy manuals, outlining a useful strategic HR plan or so much more, we’re here to help you simplify and streamline human resources in your dental practice so that you can get back to focusing on what you do best: creating beautiful smiles for your patients!





Are you struggling to find and hire TOP talent for your practice? Staffing is one of the BIGGEST challenges every Dental Practice experiences. We can simplify and streamline this process for you!




Are you looking for your dream job? It’s easy– send us your resume, sit back, relax, and let us notify you with amazing opportunities! We strive to place you within the offices that need you, working the positions that suit you!




Are you looking for your DREAM clinic? Searching for opportunities for growth or practices to possibly buy into? We can stream your profile to all of our Dental Business clients who are currently hiring.


Our Expertise.


We save your practice time & money by eliminating the hassle’s and headache’s experienced when hiring.


We can help you create and enjoy an incredible work environment with an office staffed with your DREAM TEAM members to help grow your business!


Say “Goodbye” to the confusion and stress of Human Resources obstacles and having a library of easy-to-use manuals, contracts and plans for every HR situation all located in our HR Store


Let us help your practice reach new levels of success and have more time to dedicate to your patients, your growth, and your self!

We’re Not Your Average Human Resources Agency.

We believe in bridging the education gap between Human Resources and Dental Offices, and are dedicated to helping dental practitioners streamline and succeed in achieving their every goal for their practices.

We specialize in providing staffing solutions for elite dental practices designed to simplify the hiring process and streamline their operations.

Our strategic approach to recruitment places the best dental professionals with the organizations that need them, in the positions which suit them.We strive to provide our dental business clients with the right number of people, with the right skills, working the right jobs at the right times needed to succeed in their industry and take their company to the next level.

If your office is searching for the perfect new team member – OR you are looking for your next dream job – Stream Dental is here to help connect Dental Offices and qualified employees to ensure optimal success and massive growth for both practice and employee.

Simple. Streamlined. Dental Staffing Solutions.


Our Services.

Recruitment & Hiring

We’re here to help you find your dream team! Our strategic approach will help you recruit and retain the top talent that your practice needs to grow, and the right people to create a warm, welcoming and easy office culture. We’re here to find your long-term employees who are dedicated to the success of your office and loyal to your vision of creating the best customer experience possible. We help place the very best dental professionals with the organizations that need them in the positions that suit them the very best.


Human Resources

We put the “human” in Human Resources – we’re dedicated to taking care of not only the legal aspects of your office, but the humans who run it! Since owners of growing Dental Practices often have little or no in-house Human Resource expertise, we’re here to become your virtual HR department, offering the perfect solutions to create your highest workplace productivity, employee engagement & retention, and to help you grow your business with the right (happy!) people.


Get to know us.

  • Dr. Sam Daher

    My name is Sam Daher, Certified Specialist in Orthodontics and co-founder of Stream Dental. This custom-made solution is the result of 2 decades of hardship and adversity to find and employ the right team members, all the while running a practice and maintaining a high quality of care.

    I graduated from McGill University and obtained my DDS in 1994, worked as a general dentist for a few years, then returned to graduate school to obtain my diploma and specialty in Orthodontics from Université de Montréal.
    As a dentist first and later as an orthodontist, I came to realize the importance of team spirit and compatibility of new and existing staff. I admit that after 21 years of practice experience, I am still challenged by the hiring process. In order to tackle the challenge, Samantha Leonard and I streamlined the process to screen and select the right candidates for the right position. The second task was to train and help integrate the “chosen one(s)”, a task that was costly, time-consuming and – at times – disruptive.

    As a consultant, an owner of 4 successful practices in 2 different cities, and an international speaker, I learned over the years that the “hiring process” is a ubiquitous challenge in our field on several continents. So, I decided to design a revolutionary and streamlined approach to help my peers overcome this obstacle, all the while alleviating the related stress, and the time & money associated with the process.

    Stream Dental Staffing Solutions is the culmination of years of experience – and at times frustrations – and is created to offer a solution to simplify the hiring process for both parties involved by matching the right candidate with the appropriate office, in a timely fashion.

    Samantha Leonard

    One part passion, two parts determination, Samantha Leonard is a recruiter, personal development coach, CEO and founder of Stream Dental Staffing Solutions.

    Samantha has been in the Dental industry for ten years. During this time period, she has accomplished a great deal in the first decade of her career. Graduating with honors from the Dental Assisting program at SAIT, she then went on to complete her Orthodontic module shortly thereafter.

    She has worked every role, worn every hat and mastered all the traits that eventually lead her to become a Practice Manager with a well respected and world-renown Orthodontist, Dr. Sam Daher. Together, they started and built a multi-million dollar practice from scratch. She is now the Operational Manager for all four Orthostyle locations.

    Samantha’s personal mission is to “help you find your ‘dream job’ faster!” She understands how vital it is to work in an environment that promotes and nourishes personal growth and development. Her managerial experience has helped her appreciate and identify the negative effect of a wrong hire and the adverse impact on team dynamic, quality of customer service, lost time and wasted money.

    Samantha will work with you to understand your unique needs and match you with the best possible opportunities available.

    Tatiana Cappis
    HR/Marketing Specialist & Office Coordinator

    Tatiana Cappis joins the team as the HR/Marketing Specialist & Office Coordinator of Stream Dental Staffing Solutions. Tatiana attended SAIT and Bow Valley College for Business Marketing/ Administration, and Human Resources. She has over 10 years’ experience in office administration and Human Resources with large companies in Calgary, Alberta and several year’s in running her own business from home. She has planned social media and business events and worked extensively with customer service relations through her own ventures. She has a passion for helping people. Tatiana is looking forward to helping others once again through this amazing opportunity. Let us help you find what you are looking for!

  • We aren’t your average human resources agency.

    We specialize in staffing solutions for elite dental practices designed to simplify the hiring process and streamline their operations. Our strategic approach to recruitment places the best dental professionals with the organizations that need them, in the positions which suit them.

    We strive to provide our dental business clients with the right number of people, with the right skills, working the right jobs at the right times needed to succeed in their industry and take their company to the next level.

    Is your office searching for a new dynamic team member? OR are YOU looking for your next dream job? At Stream Dental we provide Dental Offices with the right people, who have the right skills, doing the right jobs at the right times.

    Simple. Streamlined. Dental Staffing Solutions.

What's The Buzz.

  • “Stream dental is a essential part of our practice success. They are extremely professional , meticulous and dedicated to their clients. Samantha is always very prompt, diligent and kind in her approach . She is an excellent listener , understands the clients needs and gives them her 150% to find the best candidate. Whenever our office needs Stream dental they are there for us. There is no recruitment company I know of which has such high level of commitment to their clients”

    Dr. Zeeshan Ali via Blue Heron Dental
  • “It has been great working with Stream Dental. They have been very helpful and extremely reliable when we needed good staff. Thanks to Samantha, who is very prompt in responding every time we reach out to her. Simply excellent service!”

    Abby B. via Smile 32 Dentistry
  • “Samantha + team has been a huge asset the dental community and to our office. They draw from years of experience and genuinely want to help both employers and employees succeed. Keep up the great work!”

    Dr. Sean Wong via Bow Trail Dental
  • “The Stream Dental team not only know what they’re talking about, but are the best in the business. Samantha is not only incredibly professional, knowledgeable and helpful, but she is so personable and kind! I highly recommend Stream Dental Staffing Solutions for all of your dental hiring needs.”

    Julie S. via Stream Dental Placement
  • “THANK YOU so much for everything you have done for me! I l now have a job that is challenging and rewarding and I absolutely love getting up every morning!”

    Jillian M. via Stream Dental Placement
  • “I am beyond satisfied with the services I received from you! It definitely made the process of hiring, my LEAST favorite part of being a Dentist, a lot less stressful! It was worth the extra cost! And I would do it again with our next hire! Thanks again for everything”

    Dr. Dima Oweis via Aspen Dental Care

Our Blog.

Stream Dental is committed to serving and educating dental professionals through our blog.

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